Body Leasing in Germany and how to enter the Market

Have you ever been looking for a opportunity to enter Europe's biggest single market? If you feel ready to bring your business into the next level,  feel free to read the information below. 

Who is the target group for body leasing in Germany?

If you are running a business in another European country, with a pool of good employees and already first contacts to German customers, then you are in the right position to move into a new business field.

If you do know good workers and if you are good at selling, then you are also highly attractive to this business model.

Why should I move to Germany?

Germany is a wealthy society, but this leads also to a certain level of salaries and a high rate of taxation on labour costs. Here you can bring your country specific lower taxation in place to leverage the market prices of labour costs. The usual prices payed by customers are, in comparison to other countries, also on high level. 

For example a usual truck driver daily fee is around 195€, whereof a German employee costs  187,50€ per day.

How should I do this?

There are some legal restrictions for body leasing in Germany, but this is were we support you. We offer you our service "Lets-get-running" to get your approval from German authorities within 6 weeks time (necessary documents must be provided in advantage). Furthermore we can offer you our support service "Keep-it-running" to ensure ongoing German legal requirements are fulfilled. This has two major advantages: your customer is in a safe business relationship with you and you are always up to date, so that you can focus on your core business. 

What shall I do now?

 Give us a call, write us an email or send us a request for call back via our contact form. We will support you with the necessary next steps and what you need to know.